Why Choose Cremation?

Why Choose Cremation?

Cremation in Canada offers many benefits as a means of disposition.  Indeed cremation is already a popular choice for families in Canada, as the harsh North Hemisphere winters mean there can be many months when burial is not possible due to frozen ground in many provinces.

The Cremation Association of North America (CANA) has witnessed a significant growth in cremation as a funeral option in recent years.  The Association reports that cremation in Canada has grown by nearly 30% over the last 30 years, and this is expected to increase further.

Culturally our attitude to death and disposition is also in flux, and there is a distinct move away from the once ‘traditional’ burial.  Although burial still remains a very traditional means of disposition for the Native American indigenous population of Canada.

The death and funeral ritual is one of disposition, but also one of memorialization.  A misconception can be that a cremation negates the need for a memorial funeral service, but this is not so.  Cremation is just a means by which the deceased’s remains are processed following death, and in preparation for a funeral service.

What are the benefits of Cremation over Burial?
Choosing to cremate a body can prove to be a significantly cheaper option than a burial.  Cremation can eliminate such costs as embalming, cosmetizing, a viewing, and even the cost for a casket and a burial vault.  The costs for Cremation Urns, and even interment for cremains in a Memorial garden can be notably cheaper.  A cremation is no less dignified than a burial, but can save the bereaved family $1,000’s in funeral expenses.  Direct Cremations in Canada these days can start from as little as $695.00.  Understandably with the tougher economic times of late hitting Canadians, the reduced cost of a cremation is greatly influencing choice. Paying excessively for a funeral service is not dignified, nor is it an option for many families.  It can be a real worry to have to meet funeral expenses, and arranging a simple and affordable means by which to undertake the disposition, is by far the greatest concern.

Cremation offers some flexibility for the family in terms of memorial service.  A funeral service can be conducted at the time of cremation, and indeed at the crematorium itself.  Alternatively, a cremation can be performed and a funeral service for the family arranged at a later date.  The benefit of this is that family can arrange a service at a time that best suits them.  With the vast geography of Canada, getting family together for a funeral service can require some planning, and therefore the benefit of a post-cremation service means that a time can be arranged that allows for family to make travel arrangements.

These days we are all seeking to ‘customize’ our identity and personalize artifacts.  This extends to our death ritual, and cremation does offer greater options for personalization.  Once a cremation is performed a totally unique memorial service can be conducted.  The days of keeping Granny’s ashes safely on the mantelpiece, or placed safely in the crematorium memorial garden, are fading in popularity.  These days people are opting for the more unusual when it comes to their final resting place.  Ash Scattering has grown hugely as a business emerging out of the funeral industry, and there is now an array of ash scattering options to select from.  From being blasted into space, made into fireworks, scattered at sea or by air….or just cast to the wind on your favourite spot!   As opposed to the single traditional cremation urn, there are a number of different keepsake urns available on the market today.  So if keeping Granny’s ashes becomes a family dispute, a proportion of ashes can be shared between a number of smaller keepsake urns and shared between family members.

The key benefits of cremation can therefore mean that choosing a cremation can save you money on funeral expenses, offer you greater flexibility in arranging a memorial service, and allow you to make the whole ritual a unique, personalized tribute which truly reflects the personality of the deceased.  Further information on cremation in Canada can be found on the Cremation Association of North America web site.

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