Preplanning a Funeral Service

Preplanning A Funeral


Usually the task of arranging for a funeral falls to a couple of family members or a single survivor who may have little or no warning. These people are most often unprepared for the many decisions that will need to be made. Pre-arrangement and pre-financing of funeral services may be considered. Making your wishes known in advance can do much to help loved ones carry them out. Discussing arrangements with your family is essential as the funeral affects them most directly. 

Here are some of the benefits of pre-planning funeral arrangements: 

You make rational decisions. Someone else, perhaps overcome with grief, might find it difficult to make rational, logical decisions on your behalf.

You may prepay expenses outright or by installments.

A funeral paid for in advance of need can be a good investment. With today's inflation rate moving ever upward, your costs are fixed. 

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