Body Donations To Medical Schools in Canada


Donating a body to science for medical research in Canada

Many Canadians today are becoming much more open to the option of donating their body to science. This openness about what death means brings with it new values, preferences, and opinions that are changing traditions and creating funeral alternatives. People want alternatives to funeral arrangements and choices concerning the final disposition of their bodies. 
Whole body donation to science is currently the fastest growing trend among funeral alternatives. People are seeking alternatives to the traditional burial or cremation options. The option of body donation gives individuals a real way to support medical advances that impact the lives of future generations, and thus a death can be seen as giving value to the advancement of science and providing a ‘gift’ of life.

In Canada, you can donate your body to science by bequeathing your body to one of the medical Universities across the Provinces.  There are 17 Medical Schools in Canada that accept anatomical donations.  This is a direct means by which to support the advancement and development of medical science and training, which ultimately saves lives.  The medical University in your Province ordinarily covers all costs for collecting a donated body, the cremation of remains, and the return of cremated remains to the family, although arrangements may vary, so it is advisable to check directly with the Medical School in question.

The University of British Columbia call it a “Unique Contribution”, and it is increasingly growing in popularity, especially with the baby boom generation.  What is it?  Whole Body Donation, otherwise known as leaving one’s body to science, it has also been referred to as “The Gift of Life”. 

Body donation can be made at the time of death, or a bequeathal can be made as part of a last will and testament.  Enrolling in a Body Donation programme can be a way of ‘gifting life’, and also removes the burden of making this decision from loved ones’ at a time of loss.

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